What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fracking Essay

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fracking Essay

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Fracking: Pros and Cons

Therefore, demonstrations are a great tool to show politicians and other decision-makers what is really going on in a country and what is most urgently needed to help as many people as possible. In those countries, the majority of the general public suffers from significant hunger and starvation and many people will never have the chance to get out of poverty under the current political system. Hence, especially in those regions, it is crucial that people protest against corruption and other issues so that the overall living conditions in those countries could be improved and more people could get out of their misery.

Some people are just so fed up with the current political regime that they want to start out with a completely new system. For revolutions, the majority of the general public has to support those movements since they will not be successful at all otherwise. Consequently, in order to create a revolutionary movement, it is crucial to convince as many people as possible through demonstrations and protests that it is time for a change in the political landscape. Another benefit of protests is that they can also be helpful to raise the awareness of the general public on important problems which we have to solve as a society.

However, in our nowadays society, almost everyone knows that we urgently need to make changes in order to protect our planet and our climate. This had been accomplished by many people protesting and raising the awareness of the general public on those important problems. Hence, protests can also be crucial in order to solve our environmental issues and several other global problems. In fact, in many regions, people who belong to certain minorities will still have quite confined rights and are often discriminated against in various parts of their daily life. In order to solve this issue, it is crucial that those minorities gather and work together in order to really make a significant change.

One way to do this is to start protests and demonstrations so that they are able to raise the awareness of politicians and of the general public on this injustice. In turn, it will become much more likely that the problem regarding the discrimination of minorities could be mitigated, at least to a certain extent. Everyone of us may feel quite overwhelmed from time to time when it comes to solving our global problems. However, if we join protests and gather as a big group of people, the positive effect of everyone of us can be multiplied.

In fact, at those demonstrations, you can find many like-minded people who will have similar values and opinions like you. Quite often, you will work together with many other people who have the same goals and you will also meet many of these people again at other demonstrations. In turn, if you join those protests, you can also get a real feeling of community, which may motivate you even more to continue to make a positive impact on our society.

Another upside of protests is that they are so easy to organize in our current state of the world. However, right now, big protests can be coordinated through the internet and through the use of social media. Hence, it has become quite easy to organize protests and to coordinate the masses so that those protests can have a real impact to change things to the positive. In fact, without the right for protests, governments would have it quite easy to suppress the general public and to manipulate people through selective media reporting. Protests can protect human rights since people can still state their opinion through those demonstrations and the general public will likely get aware of many issues through those protests, even though the general media may not report those problems.

In many countries all over the world, people also suffer from confined rights in many different areas. However, most of us would agree that this concept is outdated and that we should give women the right to vote in order to increase gender equality and to strengthen human rights. In order to achieve this goal, women but also the general public have to protest so that political leaders will notice that it is time to make legal changes in this regard.

In general, protests and demonstrations are a great way to increase the political pressure on politicians to make changes. Hence, it is crucial for the general public to join demonstrations so that pollical leaders will have an incentive to really make changes. Protests are also crucial to ensure a working democracy. For some Americans, it is our energy dreams come true. To others, it is an environmental nightmare. Ever since a new drilling technology, called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, made it possible to extract natural gas from shale deposits about a mile underground, a new gold rush has been under way.

While fracking has created jobs and contributed to record-low natural gas prices, it comes with another kind of potential cost: risks to our environment and health that some say are far too high. The fracking process begins with a bore hole drilled some 6, feet below ground, cutting through many geological layers and aquifers, which tend to be no more than a few hundred feet below the surface.

The shaft is then lined with steel and cement casing. Monitors above ground signal when drilling should shift horizontally, boring sideways to pierce long running sections of shale bedrock. Millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and chemicals are then blasted into the bedrock, the pressure creating cracks that release trapped natural gas from the shale. The gas and water mixture then flows back up to the surface, where the gas is separated from the water. While most of the water stays in the well bore, up to 20 percent is either reused for more fracking or injected into disposal wells thousands of feet underground.

The wellpad and related infrastructure take up to eight to nine acres of land, according to the Nature Conservancy. Fracking is currently occurring in Texas and Pennsylvania, the two largest gas-producing states, as well as in North Dakota, Arkansas, California, Colorado and New Mexico. And the oil and gas industry is eager to expand its fracking operations into New York, North Carolina, Maryland and Illinois. Bruce McKenzie Everett, F70, F72, F80, an adjunct associate professor of international business at the Fletcher School, says fracking provides substantial economic benefits and its problems are relatively small compared to those benefits.

He worked at the U. His research has included gas-to-liquid conversion technology as well as the economics of oil, gas and coal production and use. On the other hand, John Rumpler, A88, argues that we are making a mistake in thinking that fracking is worth the damage to the environment. He is a senior attorney at Environment America, which is leading a national effort to restrict, regulate and ultimately end the practice of fracking. Bruce McKenzie Everett: Nothing in the world is entirely safe, but by the standards of industrial activity in the United States, fracking is very, very safe. Think about the airline industry. It just means that with proper attention, mistakes can be kept to an extremely low level.

The question about fracking that gets the most attention is contamination of drinking water. Aquifers, the underground rivers that provide our drinking water, are about to feet below the surface. The gas-producing shale rock formations tend to be 5, to 6, feet below the surface. John Rumpler: Fracking presents a staggering array of threats to our environment and our health. These range from contaminating drinking water and making families living near well sites sick to turning pristine landscapes into industrial wastelands. There are air pollution problems and earthquakes from the deep-well injections of the wastewater into the gas-producing shale, as well as significant global warming emissions.

When the industry says there has not been a single case of groundwater contamination, they mean there is not a verified instance of the fracking fluid traveling up through a mile of bedrock into the water table. What they cannot dispute is that fluid and chemicals have leached into groundwater at fracking waste pits in New Mexico. What they cannot dispute is a University of Colorado study published earlier this year documenting that people living within a half mile of fracking and other gas-drilling operations have an increased risk of health problems, including cancer from benzene emissions.

Rumpler: Is it conceivable to imagine regulatory fixes for all the various problems caused by fracking? Theoretically, perhaps. But imagine trying to implement the hundreds of different rules and regulations at thousands of oil- and gas-drilling sites across the country, and you realize there is no practical likelihood that fracking will ever be made safe. The logo for examination is the Apple store icon. It is impossible to leave without attention to the fact that the logo is one of the most popular. Download full paper File format:. Read this essay on Dance Observation Essay. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Fast Essay Help. Online Library Gasland Answer Key which President Obama declares his support for the safe development of natural gas production, which Fox and the community believes is impossible.

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Drinking Water Investigations After a three-year investigation in Pennsylvania, Public Herald has uncovered evidence of widespread and systemic impacts related to fracking, a controversial oil and gas technology. Gasland Movie Questions And Answers go in order. Intro 1 Who signed the Clean Water Act into law in ? Richard Nixon 2 About how much would the narrator receive for leasing his land for natural gas drilling? Now, we operate one of the top essay writing services on the market. To put it simply, our agency connects students with professional essay writers online. We cover over 75 disciplines and 5 academic levels: high school, college years and , graduate university , and PhD Respondent Gasland served the motion papers on respondent Snack Shop by first class mail on July 12, , and on respondent BAB Plus by first class mail on July 18, Department staff, by letter dated July 17, , filed a response to the motions of respondents Gasland and BAB Plus further objecting to Gasland's service and opposing.

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By the mile class, modern textile and apparel fair on st of sept. Essay on gasland. Name: Course: Date: Review of documentary Gasland The short film highlights the problems, which arise from the drilling for natural resources such as gas. As the title of the movie indicates, it explores and documents evidenced in terms of narrations from the public in the various states in the United States such as Colorado, Wyoming, [ The Documentary system is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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Fracking is a Abigail Williams The Crucible Essay which What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fracking Essay used to gain flowers for algernon book to crude oil and natural gas reserves that Christine De Pisan Research Paper located underground. December 11, By doing so it will allow you to make sure you physical and technological resources the right choice.