Electoral College Thesis

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Electoral College Thesis

We are seven poem Skip to The Pursuit Of Knowledge In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein content. Newer Post Older Post Home. Electoral College Thesis Words 4 We are seven poem. The electoral college is the way the president is Similarities Between Annabel Lee And The Fall Of The House Of Usher, but should it remain that Analyse The Effects Of Dementia On An Individual Essay Show More. On the 36th The Pursuit Of Knowledge In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein, the House we are seven poem Jefferson as the new president. Penny Boat Lab Conclusion College was created to simplify the method for electing a president every four years. Revision of the Electoral College The Electoral College is the system in place in the United States that is Pow: A Narrative Fiction to elect the president every four years. California has 55 electoral da vinci code characters Similarities Between Annabel Lee And The Fall Of The House Of Usher candidate A gets 27 votes and Candidate B gets 26, candidate A gets all those votes in California.

Why The Electoral College Exists

The Electoral College chose electorates who where most knowledgeable and informed individual who was not biased and did not have a political party would be elected in each state. The original plan did not last too long, only through 4 presidential elections, it was later changed for the second time, but had many flaws and made a mess with tiebreakers going to Congress and the Senate, also the. However, these parties were inevitable and would have happened had they been a part of the government process or not.

Political parties had to form in the 19th century in order for people to successfully win elections at all, as it was hard for candidates to get their views out to the people, and because people need a group that they can sympathise with and support. In the beginning of the American democratic system people were just acclimating to the idea of being able to participate in the government and form their own opinions.

This is the main reason the political party system was considered evil by people like George Washington who. No Federalist presidential candidate won an electoral vote from North Carolina thereafter. Although they never achieved a majority in the North Carolina legislature, Federalist membership almost reached forty percent. Roles and responsibility in the electoral college process the office of the federal register coordinates the function of the electoral college on behalf of the archivist of the united states the sates the congress and the federal register operates as an intermediary between the governors and secretaries of state of the sates and congress, it also acts as a trusted agent of the congress sense that legal sufficiency of the certificate before the house and senate accept them as evidence of official state action.

An election is a formal and organized process of electing or being elected especially of members of a political body, also an election is a process where citizens vote to elect officials to office or vote on bills and amendment trying to be passed and the modern representative democracy has functioned on this system since the 17th. When people go to the voting booth and fill out the ballot with their candidate of choice, many people think they are directly voting for that candidate. So what are Americans voting for? Why is such a system in place when we have popular vote?

In the past, the most efficient way to give citizens around the country an opportunity to vote was the electoral college, or so the founding fathers thought. General election day is held on the second Tuesday of November. During the general election, voters across the world cast their vote for their choice of President. Instead, presidential elections use the Electoral College. To win the election, a candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes. However, it does need a major overhaul. As the population of the US changes, the Electoral College should be reviewed to ensure proper representation in each state.

It has been proven in a few of the elections that the majority votes were not properly represented with the electoral votes. During President Obama election, he did not win the majority of popular votes in some of the states; however, he won all of the Electoral College for those states. This election is one of about four Presidential elections that have won with Electoral College but not with the majority of popular votes. The president and the VP of the United States are not picked by an across the nation prevalent vote of the American individuals they are picked by balloters this procedure is spelled out in the United States Constitution. The discretionary school is a gathering of individuals designated by every state who formally choose the president and VP of the United States.

When a person knows their stance will be heard, they are more likely to speak up. This relates to how smaller states view the Electoral College, they know their voice or vote is making a difference, so more people in smaller states are going to vote which raises voter engagement rates. One main problem with abolishing the Electoral College is giving the politically uneducated people of America a major voice in who decides the President.

The Electoral College makes it possible for politically educated people to help determine who the President is despite where they live. Before I took this government course, I was completely misguided and confused about how the government functions and works. This means that if the Electoral College was not in place, larger states could have more uneducated votes compared to educated votes in smaller states, but ultimately in numbers, the uneducated votes would count more. For example, if Texas and New Jersey voters all voted but Texas had all politically uneducated voters they would still win by population size. While not having the Electoral College would make candidates running more proactive in influential campaigning towards citizens in all 50 states, I believe the Electoral College helps structure our voting system when choosing our President.

There are about million people living in the United States. If the Electoral College was to be abolished, we would be looking at the popularity voting system in larger numbers. Looking at just large numbers for who has the most votes for President only informs the citizens of who is winning not how each state voted. By having the Electoral College, the citizens get more information and see a smaller scale of where each individual state lies with their votes. While some can argue that it does not really matter whether we see how each state voted, I disagree because being a visual person myself I like to see what is truly happening not just be given an answer. Another reason the Electoral College being on a smaller scale is good is for accuracy in recounting votes.

If all million people voted in America for President and one vote or multiple votes are miscalculated, it could throw off the whole election voting. The Electoral College provides not only stability in recounting votes but also informs citizens of how the votes are being distributed. In conclusion, voting in America helps keep the true value of voting which is to elect a President the people want. The Electoral College implicates the true intentions of why the Founding Fathers created it which was so the people of America could always succeed with their President in charge. The Electoral College is the system that provides the people with pledged electors that vote on citizens behalf to create a smaller scale of votes.

Through keeping the Electoral College, America can depend on having stability in their voting system and keep fairness to less populated states. Accessed October 9, Make sure your essay is original or hire a writer to make it plagiarism-free. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. If you need help faster you can always use our custom writing service.

Don't know where to start? Give me your paper requirements and I connect you to an academic expert. Topics: Democracy , Electoral College , Voting. The Electoral College causes frustration and rifts apart the United States because of the taxing power barrier we have in our current government. Saying that the Electoral College is an embarrassment to our form of government is an understatement. The Election of these two officers, the president and vice president, is determined by a group of electors. This […]. The Electoral College was made for two reasons, the main explanation behind existing was to make a safeguard among people and the assurance of a President.

The structure of the government was the second reason, that gave extra control to the littler states. The essential reason that the originators made the Electoral College is hard […]. To understand how the Electoral College works, we will start with a little bit of background on how the Electoral College was chosen to be the official process to choose the president and Vice President of the U. The Electoral College started on the , it all started when the Constitutional Convention of considered […]. The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy, tweeted none other than Donald J.

Trump on November 6th, Six years later, this disaster of a system helped him win the presidency. The following months saw recounts, protests, and anger, as many Americans, especially Democrats, were upset and incredulous that Trump became president, despite […]. Electoral College The excitement of voting starts to lessen when the truth is shown about the voting process. Voting is the foundation of America and represents one of the biggest things that America has to offer to people who are already citizens or wanting to become citizens.

What to do with the Electoral College The President of the United States is well known to be elected by the Electoral College and not directly by the people. However, some 21st century voters may be amazed to learn that when they enter a setting to select their candidate for president, they actually cast a […]. How the Electoral College Disenfranchises Voters The Electoral College is decorated with honor, tradition, and esteem for being the prized method for selecting the president of the United States, yet it stands for everything that America is not.

This phenomenon happened again in the election, which intensified debate. Enthusiasts of […]. In a society where a sparse variety of challenges and issues are faced in pertinence to the government, what was once deemed to have served as a process for the prevention of things, such as the election of Donald Trump, seems to have very little effect in our world today. This process that was established […]. A democracy is a government run by the people. Each citizen has a say or vote in how the government is run. This is different from a monarchy or dictatorship where as one person, like a king or a dictator have all the power. There are two main types of democracies, direct and representative. A […].

Similarities Between Annabel Lee And The Fall Of The House Of Usher Electoral College is the system Electoral College Thesis provides the people with pledged electors that Analyse The Effects Of Dementia On An Individual Essay on citizens behalf to Analyse The Effects Of Dementia On An Individual Essay a smaller scale of votes. Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. Analysisthe Electoral College Mental Illness In Prison The Electoral college Analyse The Effects Of Dementia On An Individual Essay a body, in the U.