Gloria Anzalduas Borderlands

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Gloria Anzalduas Borderlands

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Gloria Anzaldúa's \

The 'new mestiza' way of thinking is illustrated in postcolonial feminism. I see the idea of "mestizaje," this "beyond the binary" state of being, quite often in the work I do in relation to queer theory and Filipino-American fiction, though not always called by that name. It is interesting to me how far-reaching this is in touching aspects of every day life, such as identity politics. Furthermore and simultaneously, the idea breaks down so many assumptions of the very experience of race and culture by stepping outside of what we think we know based mostly on our own experiences.

It really encapsulates a lot that is in that essay we read for class also from the same book. The book is really life-transforming; I highly recommend it! This poem is a great work depicting the differences that can take place at the borderlands. It reminded me of the short piece that we read at the beginning of the year, from Gomez-Pena, where he discussed the melting pot that is the borderlands. A striking line that I really enjoyed near the middle of the work was "speak tex-mex with a brooklyn accent. Master's or higher degree. Over 30 successfully finished orders.

Page count 1 page words. Related Essays. Secrets Essay Words 4 Pages. Creating own signature for use in web Essay Words 2 Pages. The role of media studies Essay Words 3 Pages. Nature Vs. We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you Short Story 18 , Drama , Postmodernism 10 , Poem , Book Get your custom essay sample. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Thank You! Sara from Artscolumbia. Sherrie Hood. This brief history is given to better illustrate how the land was originally inhabited by people migrating, and has been taken over and rearranged several times over to get where it is today.

The author goes into detail about the Mexican-American war: the takeover of Mexican land, and how it created foreigners out of natives overnight. This was the beginning of the American creation of Mexican dependence on the U. For many Mexicans, illegal crossing to the U. They will either cross into the U. Their crossing into the U. The illegal migration of women is especially dangerous, for they risk being abused and raped as well as deported. They typically have no understanding of English; this lack of English language plus the fear of being deported leads to vulnerability, and the female migrants tend to be unable to get help, and reluctant to seek it.

She was the first one in her family in six generations to leave home; she took with her, however, many aspects of her home. She describes how women, in her culture and many others, are to serve and stay beneath the men in the culture. The men hold the power and the men make the rules. In her culture and time, the only options for a woman were to become a nun, a prostitute, or a wife. There is now a fourth option, to become educated and autonomous; however, very few make up this category. The only safe woman is one who is stuck into a rigid culture sector.

The roles are said to keep women safe; however, they just seem to keep women stuck. She discusses how, being raised Catholic, she made the choice to be homosexual. She recognizes that in some people it is genetically inherent and understood. She continues dealing with homophobic ideas, and the fear of being rejected. She goes on to say that, for some, their groups will conform to society's norms to be accepted and wanted in a culture. Those who go against the norms have a much harder time being a part of the group.

She brings these thoughts back to the borderlands, where one feels alienated from one's original culture and yet alien in the dominant culture Her going home is to accept her home for what it is, not just in the physical sense, but really believing in what is happening within her home or native culture. It tried to bite her and only got her boot. It scared her, and from that day on she both sought snakes and shunned them. When she saw them she was fearful yet elated She goes on to describe the folk-Catholic heritage she has come from.

She describes the pagan ideas that link up with the Catholic religious stories. She describes how the goddesses were disfigured and pushed underground. Again, the male dominance was cemented further into the culture through religious stories. This symbol unites the cultures of Mexico through a woman figure. The mother figure represents the Indian side of the culture and the father or male identities represent the Spanish side. These arguments can be looked at further as the native Indians were simply people migrating from one land to another.

These people were being peaceful and looking for comfort and stability; this quest is more feminine due to its passive and peaceful nature. Thus, in a mestizo, the feminine side lies with the Indian culture. The takeover of Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors for money through power is wholly masculine and power-driven, thus male figures are related to the Spanish culture. The idea of snakes is also tied to woman. She says she saw a snake each time she has had this experience. She describes how pagan spirituality is looked down upon in the formal religions, and in simply accepting those given religions you lose touch with nature and with yourself.

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