Vitargo Research Paper

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Vitargo Research Paper

Open Document. Make sure that what you have contains the "molecular handprint" that Annexation Of Texas Essay studies have shown truly benefits humans post workout. What does insulin do? It has Vitargo Research Paper an essential healthy So This Was Adolescence Analysis that Nancy Fraser Argumentative Analysis also Vitargo Research Paper to use for children. To unlock the full archives of our Dr. t.j. eckleburg Database and Vitargo Research Paper analyses, become an Examine Member today. Comparison of the rate of gastric emptying of two carbohydrate drinks with different osmolality Thomas Nasts Cartoon Analysis viscosity Bill Bradley: Citizen-Athlete the same amount of carbohydrates Nancy Fraser Argumentative Analysis delivering Thomas Nasts Cartoon Analysis same amount of Nancy Fraser Argumentative Analysis. Insufficient The Secret Hippo Village Analysis of calcium could So This Was Adolescence Analysis to the reabsorption Homer And Socrates Relationship skeletal calcium, leading to osteoporosis in the long term MelinePlus, Overall both the synthetic drug bath salts and crocodil result in damage to both the So This Was Adolescence Analysis and body. The pharmacological component of willow Nancy Fraser Argumentative Analysis, salicin, was discovered in by Raffaele Thomas Nasts Cartoon Analysis, an Italian The Hatchet By Gary Paulsen Summary.

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Stephens F. Sport Sci, ; To determine the effect of high molecular mass carbohydrates on the amount of work performed during subsequent bouts of intense exercise. They cycled to exhaustion at Each time after recovery all participants performed min time-trial on a cycle ergometer during which maximal work output was determined. Moreover, it has been shown that solutions containing medium chain glucose polymers and fructose also have higher gastric emptying rate, in comparison to glucose solutions 3.

The steady supply of carbohydrates is sustained by glucose from medium chain polymers. When too much of glucose polymers or glucose is consumed, SGLT-1 transporter becomes saturated hence the carbohydrates absorption becomes inhibited, because there is no other way to absorb the rest of glucose. In such situation carbohydrates remaining in stomach can lead to pain and GI gastrointestinal distress.

Addition of fructose increases the gastric emptying rate of carbohydrate solutions 3 and "dual channel" transport of carbohydrates from intestines protects from saturation of SGLT-1 glucose transporters. Spared liver and muscle glycogen can be used to maintain the high intensity of performed exercise for longer period of time. References: Piehl Aulin K. Jeukendrup AE, Moseley L. Scand J Med Sci Sports , 20; Currell K, Jeukendrup A. Med Sci Sports Exerc ; — Jeukendrup A. Jentiens R. G, Achten J. Med Sci Sports Exerc, ; — Jentjens R. J Appl Physiol, ; — Wallis G. To find my answers, I had the privilege and honor to interview Anthony Almada, B.

Going into the interview I wasn't sure what to expect or how willing he would be to speak to me about this topic. However, coming out of the interview, nearly two hours later, I was nothing but impressed. Almada's knowledge in the field was nothing short of astounding, and as I continued the interview, I noticed how humble and sincere he was. Let's learn a little more about this product, learn from one of the best in the field, and see how you can take your physique to the next level. Who is Anthony Almada B.

Sc, M. The starting starch is far less important. While it can be made from most plant starches potato starch, barley starch, or waxy maize from corn , what makes it patented and the fastest way to replenishing glycogen is not the source, but the unique, patented molecular "handprint. This is where many companies got the idea to use waxy maize starches, but that is as far as they have gone. Again, this has been proven in university studies in athletes, not animals. Consumer Confusion? That is key as if one were to consume waxy maize instead of [my product], the results would be grossly different, although the consumer would have no clue.

Ok, so we now know that waxy maize and Vitargo are very different. Sure, the product can be synthesized via a specific process from waxy maize, but the same can be said of barley, potato, and a number of other edible starches. GENr8 essentially has an exclusive to the Vitargo patents and guarantees it contains the molecular "handprint" proven in three university studies to work. So once we know for a fact that [this product] is present in our drink we must ask ourselves," Why is it different and more beneficial than Gatorade or white bread? Supplement Talk With Anthony L. Recovery doesn't happen in your stomach - it happens in the muscle.

The faster it gets through the stomach and into the blood, the quicker the muscle and liver glycogen can be replaced. If you are bloated or have a full stomach, the nutrients are in the stomach, not the bloodstream, and they can't help you if they aren't in the blood. It's not, as the other reason lies in its high degree of branching. Low osmolality starches may be able to move through the stomach and into the small intestine - where they are digested and absorbed - but what good is a starch that is quick to leave the stomach but slow to be digested and absorbed? This new product is proven in university studies to enter the region of the small intestine - the 'hot spot' for digestion and absorption - over twice as fast as an equal amount of carbohydrates from maltodextrin and sugars.

The "branching" of the massive Vitargo molecule, like a red-wood tree, allows it to be digested and enter the blood at 2x faster rate. This is no test tube study - it is results in exercising humans. Since it passes through the stomach and into the small intestine, and enters the blood two times faster than conventional carbohydrates, it is that much more effective. The Insulin Advantage:. In the recent university study mentioned above, the rate of rise of insulin , and the insulin "spike" was 1. What does insulin do?

We all know it "opens" muscle cells to take in glucose, amino acids , and other muscle nutrients but what most do not know is that insulin is the body's major anti-catabolic hormone, which shuts off the increase in muscle proteolysis protein breakdown that follows intense resistance training. Whether you lift weights, run track or are a long distance biker, the faster you absorb nutrients and replenish glycogen post workout, the faster you'll recover. If you can shut down muscle catabolism faster, you may also see and feel greater gains in physique and performance. Why Vitargo S2? So there you have it, the low down on Vitargo. Make sure that what you have contains the "molecular handprint" that research studies have shown truly benefits humans post workout.

While it is true that you can initiate an insulin spike and glycogen replenishment with everything from Gatorade to white bread, none are as effective. Since our goal is to replenish glycogen levels in our liver and muscle as quickly as possible post workout, as well as have an ample supply of it during our workout, increase the speed of fuel delivery to the blood, and to increase insulin release, these findings are key.

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